FMCAD 2010
Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design
Lugano, Switzerland
October 20 - 23

Social Events

Reception at "Il Ciani"

Palazzo dei Congressi
Piazza Indipendenza 4
6900 Lugano

Wednesday, 20th of October, 18:30
After the last tutorial on Wednesday (ends at 17:45) the organizers will guide you from USI Campus to "Il Ciani" where reception will take place.

Banquet at Ristorante Capo San Martino

Capo San Martino
6912 Lugano-Paradiso

Friday, 22nd of October
There will be a tour on the Lugano Lake starting at 18:30 from the ferries docking Lugano Centrale (riva Vincenzo Vela, Lugano; we will leave university at 18.10) with arrival in Paradiso, followed by dinner at Ristorante Capo San Martino (Capo San Martino, 6912 Lugano-Paradiso). Dinner starts at 20:00.

After the dinner the bus will bring you back to USI Campus with stops at Paradiso and Lugano Centro. Since restaurant is only 15 minutes walk from Paradiso, you may consider walking back to the hotel as well.

Alpine Verification Meeting dinner

Funicolare Monte San Salvatore
6902 Lugano-Paradiso

Tuesday, 19th of October
After the last talk of AVM on Tuesday (16:30) the organizers will guide you from USI Campus to the Monte San Salvatore funicular. The program of the evening looks as follows:

Important locations

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